Monday, November 21, 2011

LYS–Madison Wool

Madison Wool underwent a change of ownership back in June…..and now it is a fun, funky shop with a lot of new and interesting yarns….(I enjoyed my first trip there, too, I blogged here about it, but there is definitely a different vibe)
Dayna, the new owner is also known as The Crafty Scientist and spins up some fun yarn.  I recently used a skein of her yarn for my friend’s baby hat.
Today I headed back down there to pick up a copy of Coastal Knits…It’s about an hour away from me, but it’s a nice drive with a great end point.
DSC01322 Here are some new yarns that Dayna has spun….
I love how she presents the yarn in her store….it’s not a huge store, but it is chock full of stuff….but you don’t feel claustrophobic, as there is plenty of room to move around and discover all the little treasures…
DSC01318 Needle felting kits and supplies
DSC01313 Mocha’s Fibers, a local farm (with some great yarn!)
DSC01315 More local, indie yarn
DSC01317 Lots of Manos (who doesn’t love Manos?) and other well known yarns…
DSC01320 This is a cowl made from Misti Alpaca, which I really, really, REALLY wanted, but did not buy, as I am going to try and craft from the stash….But Dayna was nice enough to give me the pattern, so I may use it on the Misti Alpaca, I already own!
DSC01311 I love how it is displayed, in baskets and boxes and drawers…
DSC01312 There is so much to discover, you really need to take a trip for yourself….(Psst – there’s Habu on those shelves!) Plus it’s a quick hop, skip and a jump from I95, so if you’re traveling through CT on I95……
I’m really looking forward to the time when I can join them for a Stitch and Beach, sounds like a blast! 

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Dayna said...

Thanks for the great review, Tammy! One other important thing-the back room is full of art batts, loose fiber, and a drum carder. We can weigh small amounts of fiber for all your spinning and felting needs!