Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New England Fiber Festival

So in the midst of my powerless week, I drove up to Springfield, Mass to attend the second annual New England Fiber Festival.

I had mentioned I was going and wish I had gotten a room to spend the weekend.  The hotels were all booked because of the power outage.  But luckily, Meg offered me the pull down couch in her room.  Yeah!  So I joined a bunch of strangers for the weekend….and I was warm, and I ate, and I laughed and I crocheted, and I knitted and I made some friends!  They are an awesome bunch of people!!

DSC01242 This is Kermit and a friend. She shares a blog with her sister.

DSC01240 There was LOTS of junk food!  I love Swedish Fish!

I met up with my friend, Laura and her Hubs and daughter on Saturday and walked around the festival.

Madcolor was there in her awesomely AWESOME granny square dress!

DSC01236  She was also with the group at the hotel.  It was great seeing her again.  The women has so much ENERGY!!!

DSC01202 See this yarn?  It’s Kama Suutra.  I walked away from this last year and thought about it a lot, so had to buy a skein this year….

DSC01199 A friend, Karen’s alpacas…they were hungry and I couldn’t get a good shot of them…I think this is Paco and Vegas.  I wrote their names down, but damn if I can find it!

Some alpacas were planking

DSC01227 It had a heavy chain around it’s neck, I wonder if that was why?

DSC01233 Some spinning demonstrations..

DSC01217 Look at this!  It was so freaking gorgeous!  It is…


DSC01200 Fun animals!  I think this was the one with the really awesome owls…I meant to buy one, but forgot to go back..

DSC01237 Look at the Llama chair!  Pretty cool!  Such a great day and such an awesome weekend!  Then my month went steadily downhill from there!

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lori said...

i hope it's on the uphill trend by now, tammy! you have had enough trouble for the rest of the year. universe, did you hear me?