Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So far, November SUCKS the Big One!

So here's the scoopage...

1. Freak Snowstorm takes out power for a week....(7 days, not a work week)

2.  Go to hang out at hotel in Mass with some knitters and hookers, only good thing so far this month (but it was a DOOZY!)

3.  Get to work yesterday and get the phone call from my mom about my aunt...go home and wait for updates on what's happening...

4.  While waiting, watch some tv, cuz hey it's been a week (except for the weekend at the hotel)....cable goes out..WHAT THE HELL!!!

5. Go outside and cable wire is hanging in the street....neighbor informs me truck ripped the wires down on the way down the hill.....they were low because of the storm (DAMN STORM!)

6.  Call cable company (which is also home phone and internet) and it'll be a couple of days, as they are still fixing all the other downed wires from storm...big sigh!

7.  Hubs informs me that fridge is not working right since power came on (honestly, I don't pay much attention to what goes on in the kitchen)

8.  Repair guy comes to check (and hike up his falling down pants) It's the compressor....(awesome - sarcastically muttered) Probably blew with power surge when power come on, but can't prove it (it was working fine before the storm!)

9. On netbook, until cable is returned...netbook is fine, but loads picture reeeaaallly
sloooooowwwlllyyy....so few pictures for blog.....AND the security doesn't let me visit all my blogs (FRUSTRATION!!!)  Do I turn it off??? 

So if I haven't visited your blog or commented in awhile these many reasons are why......

I have finished a couple of projects during this time, almost completed a few more and started some new ones....

But it can only get better, right?  Right?


pinkundine said...

Yep, it can definitely only get better! And I hope it does really soon!

Vivianne said...

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt :( and I hope things get back to normal for you soon xx