Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Tired WIP Wednesday

Good morning....

I've added stripes to the bodice of the Granny Square Tunic....I think it'll help separate the squares.  I now have to make the larger squares for the skirt.  I am also still reading The House At Riverton, but it is slow going at the moment...but I love the language of the book...

What is my real WIP this week?  Where I have spent hours and hours of my time and it is still undone? My classroom!  Most teachers, when the school year is done, must pack up their classrooms, so they can be cleaned during the summer.  Our floors are waxed, which means everything must be up and off the floors.  I also moved this year.  I was in the same room for 10 the past 5, I have moved 3 times....

I back my bulletin boards with fabric....I had only done half in previous years.  This year I did all of them....

I absolutely ADORE the fabric to the left in the first photo.  That is a tough bulletin board, as there are wires and things to cut around.  The fabric is thicker than the others...and should hold up pretty well.  I also put a fun owl fabric up next to my "desk" (I haven't had an official desk in years).  Then I found the fun monkey fabric, so added a bit of that...

The curtains were put up by a previous teacher....I like them, they'll cut down on the glare and some of the heat.  My room faces the east, so we get the sun pretty much all day.

So back today to work on it some more....we start officially next week, the kids after Labor Day.

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  1. I like your classroom. You have made it very cozy. Best of luck with the start of a new year!

  2. What a lovely and inspiring classroom. I'd love to teach here. It reminds
    me of my assistant teachership in Herndon, Virginia almost three years ago.
    I had such a good time at Herndon Middle School. Sigh!

  3. I wish I had a classroom of my own (or any classroom at all). I always had so many ideas for classrooms and none of them were ever used. Oh well :)

  4. What lucky students you have -- your classroom is incredibly inviting and warm. What a great way to start the new year!

  5. Love the idea of sun in the classroom all day long. But perhaps the kids gaze out the windows and their minds wander?

  6. thanks for putting in xtra's for the next generation! it looks great..

  7. Thanks, there isn't really anything to see outside, except the high school across the street...and the sun all day makes the classroom really HOT...we have no a/c on our side of the building..