Sunday, August 5, 2012

Saturday at the Farm

So yesterday I went to a 1 day workshop on knitting and crocheting sunflowers.  It was given by Kristin Nicholas at her farm.  They raise sheep.  The farm is in a beautiful setting in northern Massachusetts.  Warning: Picture heavy

It's very rural, these were the directions to her house...

Go uphill, and the road becomes Greenfield Road, although there are no street signs to identify this.

After the plateau, you will see a long row of mailboxes on the right and a large oak tree with a blue sawblade that says Herron’s Blueberries. Take the immediate right onto South Schoolhouse Road at the mailboxes. The road quickly becomes a dirt road. Continue to the end of the road where there will be a white ranch house directly in front of you.

Take a right, going slow around corner, and travel downhill. Our farm is the only house on the left. It has a picket fence around it and a little red barn on the left.

I took a left at the ranch house and ended up having an old guy in a red pickup re-direct me.  Kristin said I met the "local color."

Can you imagine living here?

We were greeted by the Welcoming Committee

We were told they would be stand offish, although one did approach me and let me pet his head.

So that is her house up on the hill behind the dogs. She has three border collies, too....but I did not get pictures of them, although I thought Nessie was one of the most beautiful I had ever seen!

More shots of the outside:

Stairs in the back of the house, up to the sheep and chickens and guinea hens

The inside of the house is full of little nooks and crannies and lots of color..

The first room, where we gathered and had lunch

Know what else was in this room?

Itty bitty kitties!!!!

We were given a tour, my favorite spot was this...

Then we headed downstairs and started the workshop.  There were about 6 or 7 of us...I'm bad with names, but Laura came from Philadelphia (she and I hit it off), Barbara was here from Georgia (her daughter was along for the ride, but didn't take the class), Judy (who ended up adopting the black kitties, her young daughter visited with Kristin's daughter), Marlene and Tracie from CT, and several others (sorry I forgot your names)  I was at the end of the table with these ladies, so I talked to them more..

Busy at work....and the end product.....Mine was not quite finished.  I was the only one who crocheted.  I also made a knitted one, but it is not finished.  After this picture, many of these were thrown in the washer to felt...

Laura had come with several already completed

Aren't they pretty?

It was a great day and I made several new friends....I may even get invited to ride in a convertible on a yarn crawl!

Kristin's book will be out in March, is part of a series

And ta-da!  My completed crocheted sunflower....

I also made this knitted one, but plan on felting it...


Evelyn said...

Thanks for posting about your wonderful workshop! It looks like it was a creative day spent in a beautiful place.

Kristin Nicholas said...

Hi Tammy - So nice to have you here. I just updated my post and linked to your lovely blog. Hope to run into you again. Kristin

Kristin Nicholas said...

And BTW, Happy Birthday!

Tracie said...

Thanks for the great blog post. It was great to meet you and it was a really fun class.
You have inspired me to try to do more crocheting.

New End Studio said...

Such a beautiful setting, that's how I give directions, too- by landmarks! Looks like a great time was had by all.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Lucky you! What a wonderful home to gather in for creating. Being surrounded by all that color and pattern would certainly inspire. Your sunflower turned out great! :)