Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So Whatcha Get in the Mail Lately?

I am now a member of 3 yarn clubs....see I don't need to go out and buy it...it just comes to the door!

Yesterday I received my yarn from Cookie A's Sock Club (sold out for this year)


I took the picture in the shade, as the sun shot seemed a bit washed out.  The color is intense!  It's Genmaicha from Enchanted Knoll Farm.  One of the patterns, The Jedi Mind Trick Socks, which are gorgeous, but probably beyond my skill level at the moment!

I did also stop by Webs on my way home on Saturday....
I don't wear pink, but I decided I needed a hat made of this color!

Recently I saw a cowl on someone's blog in a similar color, again I don't wear blue, but need a cowl in this color....any suggestions?  It's Lorna's Laces Shepard Worsted, which is my FAVORITE squishy yarn!


Linda said...

Such gorgeous yarn! I love the green.

Leah said...

Lovely colours! The blue is gorgeous.