Monday, December 12, 2011

Cornwall Yarn Shop

This summer I did several day trips to yarn stores.  Since I had done a couple in Massachusetts and in Rhode Island, I decided to head to New York.

One of the stores I visited was the charming Cornwall Yarn Shop on Main Street in Cornwall, NY.  It is housed in an older house.  The shop is two floors.  The top floor has a room with buttons and embroidery supplies.  The first floor is filled with yarn!  

There are lots of store samples.  The back room was filled with knitters just sitting and knitting and chatting.  If I lived closer, I would definitely frequent this store.

Gail, the owner, was really nice and excited about me blogging....sorry it happened so late, Gail...

I bought some pretties there...It's a new cotton yarn made in the's Florafil by Textured Yarn Company

If you are going to be near Cornwall, New York...I recommend a shopping stop to the Cornwall Yarn Shop.

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