Saturday, December 31, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I’ve never made a collage before, so I just tried it…it was a tad frustrating, but I think I got it..these are my favorite things that I made from this year..

2010-03-28 002

My Wil-key is probably one of the favoritest things I’ve ever made…and I free handed him an outfit….I love my Raspberry Sherbet, as a reader named the dog.  He makes me smile….

The Kathy Merrick flowered scarf/shawl is my favorite thing I’ve ever made.  I was wearing it yesterday and told the Hubs that….

Ba’al’s dagger was just fun….Deidre’s cowl…it made her so happy and she wears it all the time…the pumpkin was just cute, I hope the recipient liked him as mush as I did…My first knitted socks….one of the two birds I made this year, the other went to Germany…The Hub’s ripple, which he uses every day…and my Mission Falls set, which I so love…

I made 72 “things” this year…the most being fingerless gloves and hats…I had a productive year!

Here’s to making 100 next year!  (I count small things like squares too!)


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Aunty Mum said...

The mosaic looks great. I can't believe you've kept count of all your makings. Well done you! That's another great challange for this year. Looking forward to all the things you create in 2012. Belinda