Friday, December 23, 2011

It’s Friday!

And that means finished objects…and oh yeah…the start of my holiday!  Whoop!

DSC01515 It was a Christmas gift for a friend…I made it with Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande Hand Dyed.  Nice yarn, very luscious and squooshy!

And yesterday this popped into my classroom:

DSC01524 This is Luke and he is 5 months old and he is wearing the sweater I made his brother Jack four years ago…

DSC01530 It was a little worn in spots, but still holding up….They have a sister Cindy…I made her a blanket, but do not have a picture of it….

If you’d like to see more projects, please head over to..

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pinkundine said...

Aw, how sweet that the little one was wearing something you made :) looks like it has held up very well too!

Have a wonderful holiday :)

Melissa Plank said...

Darling little one, it's so nice to see that your gift has kept on giving! Best wishes!

Kathryn Ray said...

Now that sounds like a fun moment. :-)

Cute kid, cute sweater. :-)

Heather Woollove said...

I had a little zip down the back hooded sweater that went through all four of my daughters when they were babies. These precious gifts are truly appreciated!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

AllyB said...

Nothing better than a sweater that can be passed along to a new wearer. It's a nice color too. Great job on the yarn dying, the cowl is very pretty.

WonderWhyGal said...

Love the cowl and how wonderful is it that your handiwork is being used by siblings. I did that with my kids. That really was a nice gift to you for him to stop by.

Merry Christmas! Thank you for joining Fiber Arts Friday and sharing your adventures. I look forward to what you create in 2012. Yikes! I can't believe I just wrote 2012.

Spinster Beth said...

Yay, a second generation hand knit! Isn't that awesome when things you've made get passed down? Awesome!