Friday, March 4, 2011

Hello Peeps!

I kind of didn’t feel like blogging or had nothing to say this week:

But…I finished this:

DSC03408for a baby shower on Wednesday.  I was going to make a sweater, but it just wasn’t working.  So I turned it into a Sherpa vest…The parents love it!  I have several adults who said they wanted one…

I am eating Jelly Belly jellybeans just because….I have had two Cadbury Easter eggs this week, one regular, one caramel…

State testing started yesterday…we test for two solid weeks…My kids have 9 more tests to go…

Don’t you long for the days of this:


DSC03404Playing fun games with your friends…dominoes and Life…

I have to spend the weekend correcting papers and working on report’s suppose to rain on Sunday..perfect…

I started watching Spartacus:  Blood and Sand…oh my goodness!  The violence, the blood, the full frontal nudity and the s*x…holy Roman Empire!  I’m not sure if I like it or not, but it does have an intriguing story and I keep watching….

And tonight I get to watch Supernatural!  Those Winchester boys always make my smile and this just makes me happy every time..

They said Jared missed his cue on purpose to see what Jensen would do…You can tell Jenson doesn’t know the whole song, as he flubs a few lines.  But it makes me laugh every time….

And Judge Judy is berating people in the other room… glad it is Friday!


  1. Love the vest!

    We've been testing this week, too. blech.

  2. What a creative idea for the vest!