Monday, March 7, 2011

I Win!

DSC03415 I won a really cool looking clock from Heather at Implausible Yarn.  I wasn’t sure I was going to enter, but my classroom needs a clock.

My classroom clock “gave up the ghost” back in December.  Now (mini-rant coming) people really think that schools have all this money…yeah, there is no money to replace my clock.  So I have had a giant hole in my wall….and about 50 times a day, I have to answer, “What time is it, Miss?”

Today was bad, as it is instrumental day…so different kids leave at different times to go play instruments….

I also had to buy copy paper this weekend, because our building has been out for the past week.  They ordered some, but they have to shift money around to figure out what account to use and to cover the cost.  Copy paper costs a lot and because we don’t have consumable books, we use a lot. (Mini-rant over)

I’ve been lucky to win several things the past couple of weeks and I’ll share them with you when I receive them…

Now to go correct papers and work on report cards….


  1. yeah....i get completely enraged by people talking trash about teachers, these days. as if you're all rolling in dough and just sticking it people. my daughter is a teacher, as you remember i'm sure, and every single time i hear any of this in the news, i think of the two of you and your real dedication. and lack of resources in the classroom. and spending your own money to keep the schools running. grrrrr....

  2. Lucky you! I entered that contest too! It's hard to believe your school can't even replace a clock. Very sad. Thanks for your comment on letter-writing. That is so neat you are still in touch with one of your pen pals!

  3. I've been tramping through your blog (I am clumsy LOL) but I'm wondering where do you teach?? In Australia the teachers & schools (public & private both) have pretty good resources supplied, It's amazing there was no clock in your room, and are your class sizes bigger? Depending on schools it would be considered a HUGE class if you had 35 pupils, good average 28-30, where my girls went to primary school (ages 4ish-11 ish) 24-28 pupils was closer to the mark. My sister's a teacher, sometimes she LOVES it & well... other times...
    Take care, pleased I dropped by :)