Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Sweater

DSC03755 So during my vacation week, I also finished this sweater.  It is actually the second sweater for this little boy.  I had made him a sweater when he was born, but come the time to wear it, it was too small.

DSC03757 Sweater on the right is the first one.  The sweater on the left is the new one.  My friend really liked the buttons, so I cut them off of the first sweater to put on the second sweater.


They were both thrilled when the sweaters, when I gave them to the Moms this morning….

I also started another sock…


It’s a Vanilla sock pattern from the Knitmore Girls.  Someone suggested I start a sock in a more variegated yarn…it may hold my interest more.  Since I lurve sock yarn and all the variations…I figured I’d try that…

And, oh yeah..I’m back at work…8 more weeks….

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