Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Newest Finish


This is my bestest bud, Deidre…she or her kids have been featured quite a bit on my blog.  Today I gave her an early birthday gift…See that cowl around her neck? 

She’s going to be heading to Ireland in a week or so.  Her whole family is going, it’ll be the first time all five of them have gone.  Her daughter Caitlin dances Irish Dance and has competed in the World’s in various places in Great Britain over the years.  Her younger son Ethan, also competed, but left dance a couple years ago.  Her youngest Aiden is now competing.  But they have never all gone to Ireland together. 

So when I saw this yarn last month, it said to me – Deidre!.  It became a cowl because I wanted something warm and she doesn’t really wear hats.  It is Mirasol Akapana, 65% baby llama, 25% Merino and 10% Donegal wool.  And, of course, her favorite color (and mine!) Green!

She loved it.  She said it was like having a hug from me that she could wear all day!

Coincidentally, she wore an new outfit whose colors matched the cowl perfectly!

Oh she also got a couple of monsters from “Where The Wild Things Are.”


Keri said...

Don't cowls makes a lovely gift! Made one for my BFF for Christmas and she loves it. We had a really cold winter here in Toronto, so she got lots of use out of it.

Best of luck to your friend's daughter. I hope she dances up storm.

Keri said...

I had a lovely long comment typed, which my computer just ate!!! I hope your friend loves her cowl and that her daughter dances up a storm. Cheers.

Rain said...

Beautiful scarf/cowl and beautiful friend for such a gift! She will think of you often I'm sure!

Greg said...

I love Love LOVE it Tammy. I will be wearing it tomorrow to keep me warm and comforted during my meeting. Loving you:)
It will be grand in Ireland .. They will all be wonderin what county I am from.