Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Tired This Week….


This was the back of the building when I pulled in this morning to school.


This was across the street, in front of the building.  Luckily the clouds went away and it turned into a nice breezy day! 

I have been extremely exhausted this week and I can’t wait for vacation next week.  Even if I just sit in my house and do nothing….of course, at some point I will have to do some lesson planning and correcting…but let’s not think about that….

Let’s think about the yarn crawl over the weekend and spending time with the Hubs, and fresh seafood (for him, not me) and maybe heading down to the Aquarium one day with the niece sidekick…and there will be spring cleaning going on, but mostly it’s going to be reading, crocheting, knitting and sleeping and just relaxing……I so need it right now…

But, we need to get through tomorrow first!  And that will be spent at a baseball game! Yeah!

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