Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Exciting End


2:30 – we were starting to load these….


Then this happened…


Three teachers and a substitute trying to get 400 students out of the gym, remaining in the bus line, in some kind of order…..

Yeah the end of my day was exciting…how was yours?

Plus I kept thinking it was Wednesday all day, damn, but it was only Tuesday

sad face

Next week is spring break…it can’t come soon enough!  Plus I’m going yarn crawling on Saturday…oh the anticipation! 

Last time I went on a yarn crawl, I came back with this:


Since I need to pay taxes this week, I do have to restrain myself…but I’m hoping to maybe find some Quince and Co…and maybe another local or indi dyer…


Sara said...

As a teacher...I almost started to cry. The only thing worse is a tornado watch that doesn't end until 45 minutes AFTER the dismissal bell...with teens.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Oh that would suck! We had the 2-5th grades..K-1 was coming out of another door and 6-8 were pouring out of the cafeteria...