Friday, April 29, 2011

A Dream Trip

My bestest bud, Deidre and her whole family went to Ireland a couple weeks ago.  She has been many times, but the family, as a whole has not been…

One of the reasons that they go is her daughter Caitlin dances in the World Irish Dance Competition.  This year she placed 29th…Woohoo! 


She also took a zillion pictures…look some Irish wool! Maybe this sheep was used in the making of my wool…..

Irish sheep


And her wearing the cowel I made!  In Ireland!  Almost like I was there, but not quite!  Someday maybe…..



The Gingerbread Lady said...

Awww. now I'm homesick! I think I might even know where the photos were taken (it looks a bit like Wicklow). Sob.

The Gingerbread Lady said...

Here's a link to a report on Irish TV about the World Championships. It's not available for long, but I think you should be able to watch it in the US (I can in Germany)