Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Life In Sports!

Well the excitement of the NCAA has passed, and again a UCONN team has won the championship.  One of the teams, the men or the women have been in the running, or won,  the past couple of years…and in 2004, both teams won!  This is the season known as March Madness.  Although I don’t follow it, you can’t help but be swept up and proud of a school in your state doing so well!

So now it’s onto baseball! Baseball is also a sport I don’t follow, but I know a lot about it…My whole family follows baseball and I grew up on the game.  My brother has played since he was about 5, on various teams.  My dad and stepdad both coached at times and my stepdad was a well respected umpire and director of the Pony league.

Now the town I teach in has a minor league team.  Every year they give free tickets to the 3rd through 8th grades for a game.  We all go together.  It’s a lot of fun.  However many of my students don’t know that much about baseball, so I like to do a unit on baseball.

So, here is my brother talking to my class on Friday about baseball.


And the question I face EVERY year, do I like the Red Sox or the Yankees?  Our state is pretty split, as we are between those two “giants” of the game.  I don’t follow baseball, but if I had to choose, it would be the Red Sox….I hear the cheers and the boos out there..


Keri said...

Have you ever been to a stitch 'n pitch? Even though I am not a baseball fan, I go ever year and have a great time. I even watch the game a little. One year we had 3 balls hit into our section. We all had to pay a little more attention for fear of being hit.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

No,,I almost went to the one last year in NYC when they were trying for a world record, but I ended up having a conflict, so couldn't go...The minor team near me doesn't have one that I know of, but the team about an hour away does...I'm going to try and make one this year..