Thursday, May 20, 2010


I used to belong to another online community, but rarely go there anymore. There was a whole nasty blowup and I felt some people were treated unfairly. I have been venturing to Ravelry more often. I don't tend to post much...was for awhile on the Completely Arbitrary thread, but need to back off from the swaps and purchasing of yarn. They were baaaaaadddddd influences! But got my first Wollmeise through them (had never heard of it before)Now I tend to visit the Blog Hub the most. I've made some new blog friends there. I am still writing this for myself, but it's nice to know someone has stopped by to read and leave a comment...MOM - there at the bottom!

I have been logging my stash and am trying to keep up with it. Now I am onto my projects. But it's hard sometimes to remember yarn, etc. for older projects. I also lost a bunch of pics when computer crashed a couple months ago. Thankfully many were on photobucket...

I am stashing and logging at the moment, since there is no Survivor on right now (yeah Sandra!)


  1. I am enjoying reading your posts of late.

  2. I know what you mean about Ravelry. You have to dedicate some time to photographing and entering your stash and projects. It is all very tempting with the swaps and the destashing. And much more so when it is raining!

  3. I love Ravelry and the Blog Hub :-) I expect the first few weeks of my vacation will be taken up with organizing the stash room and logging it into ravelry.