Thursday, May 13, 2010

Surrounded by Yarn

I have a lot of yarn - I'll admit it, I'm a Proud YARN HO.....I have 771 types of yarn stashed on Ravelry...and I haven't stashed everything yet....So I took some pics at school today (my other home) and where I also have yarn stashed. Now in my defense some of this yarn was for my Crochet Club that I have for 3-5 graders and alot of it was donated.

The pink boucle came in handy one day when I forgot to wear pick to support Sori (who is fighting cancer at the moment) I sat down and while my students ate breakfast, I whipped up a pink flower to wear as a pin. (Have no idea where it is at the moment) The cup of hooks had many more, but I have given several away to students. The box of yarn sits under my desk/table. So on days when I don't bring a project, I can always pick up a hook and start something...(and just an aside - I will continue the Crochet Club next year, so if you have any unwanted hooks or yarn - acrylic is best for them at the moment - it would be much appreciated. I teach in a high poverty district)

On the hook now: Trying to finish a baby blanket for Saturday that I just started yesterday, it's not gonna happen, but I'll still keep plugging away at it...

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Sara said...

I think that is so cool that you have a crochet club. It's wonderful that you are passing it along to the next generation.