Friday, May 28, 2010

The Restaurant Project

Today at school was the second grade Restaurant Project. It is the highlight of second grade. The students prepare the food and do all the jobs, with adult help. They fill out a job application and have an interview. There were four choices, I chose to eat at the Irish Cafe. I had Beef Barley soup with soda bread and chocolate cake! (In the past it has been a larger meal, but the economy...) It was delicious! I forgot to take a picture of it....They also had a museum and the picture is of one of the students (posted w/permission) She was a museum docent. She told her mom that they talk alot and she likes to talk, so it was the perfect job for her. But she was very tired, as she had to walk back and forth alot.

All the art work was for sale and I bought two clay pots. It was a wonderful day...

There is also a shot of one of my students being a snake at recess, slithering through the bars and also a couple of shots of the fourth grade garden.

Yes, I teach in an urban school. Yes, there are many challenges, but I love it and don't want to teach anywhere else.

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Where the nodding violets grow said...

What a super day. What a great way of teaching the children. The school looks great.