Sunday, July 29, 2012

Which Blogs?

How do you choose the blogs that you follow or read regularly?  I've found that I read many blogs that are the complete opposite of my life.

I would never become a farmer or learn to live from the land...and as a public school teacher, obviously, I wouldn't homeschool.  But it is interesting to read about these things.  I admire people who want and can do this...but it's just not for me.

The majority of the blogs I do read have something to do with knitting and crochet.  That is very interesting to me and I find lots of new patterns and yarns....and I've made some good online friends....

I also found some artistic blogs through the One World One Heart meme I did last year....

I also like to read blogs of people who live in vastly different places than me.  I love to see and read about new places, new cultures, etc...

When I was in high school, I had 25 international penpals and 5 American penpals...I still keep in touch with Tone in Norway, although now it's mostly through Facebook and email. 

Blogging for me seems to be an evolution of that penpal experience.  Although I know that some of the blogs that I read do not read my blog, that's okay.... And it definitely a version of a journal/diary for me....I tried keeping a diary all of my life and was never successful....this works for me...

I don't tend to hit the follow button on blogs, but if it's one that I want to revisit, I put them in my sidebar.  I like that it tells me when there has been an update.  In fact, I have been cleaning the sidebar up and need to do that to my follow list too...

My other question is when you go to visit a blog that you read regularly, do you go back and read the post that you missed?  I do....I hate missing out on things...

And lastly, when you visit a blog, do you leave comments?  I've noticed that I sometimes I have many pageviews, but not many comments.  I always try to leave a comment, even if I have to read a few posts.  I rarely leave a blog without commenting....And anyone who visits me, I will return that visit (although I had an issue with Google+ blogs a couple weeks ago)

Please leave me a comment with a blog that you love to read and why.....


  1. I track all of the blogs I follow with Google Reader, which means I never miss a post. I don't always have time to comment as I often read posts on the go on my phone. But I try to whenever possible.

  2. I read blogs using reader and so don't usually miss posts. This also means that I don't click through to leave comments unless REALLY moved to.
    By this I mean I detest writing, "that's so pretty", "that's so nice"... so when I leave comments, it tends to be asking questions or disagreeing with the post or other commenters etc.

  3. Even in the midst of moving, I was still trying to find time to read blogs. I wasn't perfect at it and I may have missed a few things...but I also have far too many blogs in my blogger reader thingie.

    With that said, I don't always comment. I don't know why but I guess it's because I feel like I should only comment when I have something important to say :)

  4. I probably read more blogs than I follow, and those include blogs with similar interests, but also those which are written by people w/skills totally unlike mine, with a theme, and who live in some beautiful places, too.

    The new embedded/full comment form has a bug in it (since last October at least) and stops me from leaving a comment; which is a pain.

    If there is time, I will go back to read the missed posts, but sometimes it's just not possible.

    Still using the simple and old fashioned way of bookmarking and using the dashboard.

  5. I track all of the blogs I follow in Google reader, too. I can't say I read every single post that comes in through the reader, but I try (I follow so many blogs at this point, reading ever post in its entirety would probably be a full-time job)! I don't always leave comments, but try to think of something (even if it's just a "right on!") if something about the entry really grabs me.

  6. I think it's great to read blogs from lifestyles different from your own because that's a great way to broaden your experience of the world!

    With crochet blogs, I follow almost every one that I come across, because that gives me inspiration and information for my own blog.

    But for other blogs I follow three basic categories: educational topics that interest me and that I want to learn more about (such as psychology career blogs), art and design for inspiration and stuff about San Francisco because I can never get enough info about this city I live in and love.

    Because I read so many blogs (I use Google Reader and I read about 200 posts per day) I don't usually comment but if a post really moves me or interests me then I do click through and leave a comment. Like with this one!