Thursday, July 19, 2012


As a new knitter, I am still figuring out what type of needles I prefer....I have used DPN's, circulars and straights.  Some of them in wood/bamboo and some in metal...I'm still not sure, but the metal does hurt my fingers more..

But as a hooker, I have definite preferences..I prefer an in-line head on my hook.  So I usually prefer Bates hooks over Boye hooks, although I have both types. And my preferred size is an I or 5.5 hook.

I definitely prefer wood over aluminum and both are vastly preferable over plastic (shudder)

I have also bought some "fashion" hooks over the years, hooks I will probably never use, but it is fun to have them.

I apologize that the pictures are crappy.....I took them inside and we don't have the best lighting at times...

A Lacis Abalone hook.  I bought this at Stitches East last year.  It's not very comfortable to hold, so I will probably never use it.  And I think it is too delicate to use.

Another Lacis hook.  This one is some kind of bone.  Also bought it at Stitches East.  I've never tried working with this, but I would think it would slide really well.  However the shaft is very short.

I do have some metal hooks.  These are most, but I keep my hooks with my projects, so they are not all that I own.

My favorite metal hooks are the Bates hooks with bamboo handles.  I find them more comfortable on the hands and fingers.

These are kept in the hook holder my friend Amy made for me.  I picked out the fabric.
I love these kind of holders.  I had bought one previously, but it didn't have a flap and the hooks would fall out.

I also bought some gorgeous Grafton Fibers (Dyakcraft) hooks before the whole issue with Knitpicks. I have never ordered from Knitpicks, but I always think it's crappy when big companies do this to smaller companies.  My husband owned a mom and pop store that was partially affected by Walmart moving into town, among other things, and he had to close his store.

I have not used these hooks, but just love the colors...

My favorite hooks? 

Asciano hooks.  I got them both at the 2009 CGOA conference. One was the show hook and then I bought another from the vendor.  I have never seen these anywhere I just have the two.

Lantern Moon...OMG!  These hooks are like working with butter...they are just amazing!  I have had a problem with one head having a chip in it, but I filed it down and it works.  These I can get at most LYS's now and because I love the hooks so much, these are also my preferred DPN brand too...I have more than these three, but they are with projects.  They don't seem to make the smaller or larger sizes or stores don't stock them.

With all of these wooden hooks, many are longer than aluminum hooks.  At this past Stitches East I was on the lookout a storage solution.  I found this.

It's a bag with a mesh front.  It's from Seabury Organizers.  It's a great case.

My other hooks...
Laurel Hill...I've used the square handles one and liked it, but don't tend to pick it up a lot.

The one on the right was the first one I ordered offline.  I don't use it, as the varnish that was used continue to make it sticky to use.

The middle hook was from CGOA 2008 (I believe) and is from Brainsbarn. It's a pretty hook, but a little too long with the bead.

The other is a large hook from Brittany hooks.

The last one I'm going to show you, is a basic D sized crochet hook, but I went to a meeting and we needlefelted the handles.  It was my first experience with needlefelting. Whoops, forgot the picture..

What are your favorite hooks or needles to use?  I'd like to hear some recommendations on both...

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Beadwright said...

I can't answer your question but I am hooked on your hooks. They are all so nice and works of art in themselves.