Monday, July 23, 2012

Adventures with Wilkey and Violet

When we went to Tennessee earlier this year, the Hubs brought Wilkey with us.  It surprised and delighted me.  So now Wilkey accompanies me on my trips.  I decided to make my niece a companion monkey for the trip.  She named her Violet.  Here are some of their adventures on the Florida trip.

Chilling during the car ride

At a rest stop along the way

After eating BBQ on the Georgia/Florida order.

Riding the pedicab around the Mall in DC

Taking the Metro into DC for the day.
At the Holiday Inn Express in Virginia, where we lost power.
Taking pictures

Having a Monticello root beer

Teasing the dinosaur in the window at Downtown Disney

Getting comfortable at another hotel with some friends.
Suessland at Universal

As you can see, they had fun too,,,,

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Evelyn said...

Oh, too adorable!!