Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lovin' Knit Marietta, GA

This has only happened once before, the owner really didn't want me to take pictures.  She gave me three specific locations where I could take a picture.  Outside, the front desk and this...

Which is in itself pretty cool. 

I had read some reviews of Atlanta yarn shops. Lovin' Knit Studios had the most positive reviews. She also has some good photos on her shop site.

It was a great place.  Very open, lots of yarn choices and very friendly. 

Plus, BIG Plus..lots of crochet on display!  I immediately noticed a beautiful afghan.  I was informed a bit later that one of the shop workers had just had a pattern published in Interweave Crochet.  It's an awesome beach bag and I had noticed the shop sample.

Janet Brani designed the beach tote in the latest edition.  She will have a few more designs published in the near future.  Exciting seeing new crochet designers on the rise!  I had already bought the issue, but hindsight, I could have had her sign an issue for me and then offered my issue as a giveaway..Oh well!

It was pretty easy getting to the shop from the highway, which took us through a very, very nice neighborhood with extremely LARGE houses!

And there was some yarn bombing


stefanie said...

I've been enjoying your tales of the road & tour of yarn shops! I still don't get why people wouldn't allow photos in their store. Is the way they had their yarn sorted and displayed really that proprietary? Wouldn't the free advertising via blog/instagram/facebook/whatever be desirable? That said, glad they allowed a few photos, the bike is cool!

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Thanks, glad you are enjoying them. She said something about having issues in the past...usually they are all for the free advertising and even ask for my blog addy...she didn't...I still have to update the page with the other states LYS's, realized I haven't listed them all...

One Loop Shy said...

Thanks for the nice review! I will sign your copy anytime. I think we should call the store "Lovin' Crochet" so that is how I answer the phone when the boss is away. Hope to meet you next time you are in . . . Janet