Thursday, July 12, 2012

On the Road Again

As Willie Nelson sings...we are on the road on our way down we saw some unusual sights...

Had some kind of bird hit our car....HARD...I ducked as I could see it coming from the corner of my eye...I don't know if it survived...we saw some feathers on the road behind us .....and I can still hear the THUMP....and it was GROSS cleaning it up!

Can you see that smear of blood and some kind of guts?

We saw a band playing on a Friday night in a Hardee's.....they had a bevy of silver haired fans....

So far on the return trip, we hid from a massive thunderstorm...(I pulled off the road, as it was difficult to see)

Saw some signs with improper English...can you spot it?
 What will the next two days bring??????

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Renee Anne said...

Past? Really? What kind of educational system do they have?!