Saturday, July 7, 2012

Four Purls

While I am visiting in Florida, I have managed to visit two local yarn stores, too.  The first was Four Purls in Winter Haven, FL. 

What a great little yarn store!  It's very unassuming from the outside.  I was, at the time, looking specifically for red, white and blue yarn and a size 6 circular needle.  I found the needle and then at the last minute found the yarn.  I also purchased a copy of Deep South Knitting by Beth Moriarty, as I'm not going to find that in Connecticut!  It's got some cute patterns, but it also has Southern recipes, which I thought was cool!

The owner was not there, but Stephanie (?) and her daughter were very friendly and helpful!  Also sitting in the center circle of couches were some customers who were just great.  They were friendly and chatty.  My mom sat right down and started chatting while I was shopping....I'd definitely recommend a stop here!


stefanie said...

Sounds (and looks) awesome! I was near there in January but didn't get to stop by, now I wish I'd carved out a little time! What was the other yarn shop you visited?

Laura said...

Thanks for the nice comments, my wife, Laura, Stephanie, Donna and Jessica are what make Four Purls a fun and friendly local yarn shop. Stop by and see us again some time!