Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yarn Over and Wednesday Projects

This week I have been supporting my friend who has just lost her mother.  I have not been quite as busy as usual, but still have worked on a few things.

I have finished one of my Camouflage socks, and started the second.  I am having issues with heels, they are always too big...I have skinny feet....

The red circle at the front is a beret that I am adapting from a 1964 pattern.  My Mother gave me my Mémé's old craft magazines many years ago.  One of the challenges in Nerd Wars this month is to adapt something from an old pattern.

I thought the hat was very cute, but when I first followed the pattern, it was coming out like a tiny bobble, so I ripped it out and started modifying it.  Then I had to rip it out again because it was way to small and would sit like a pillbox type hat on my head....but I didn't want now I am on my third try.  I love this yarn and color, so I want it to work....

The granny squares are my dissertation for Nerd Wars.  I am creating a Granny Square Tunic using alpaca farm yarn, except the dark purple.

The dark brown blob in the middle is the start of another Monkey.  I have previously made two monkeys here and here.  I am making two for my friend's son (who just lost his grandmother) and one for the boy who is staying with them right now.  He is a boy from NYC.  When my friend was a child, her parents participated in the Fresh Air Fund.  The child, D, that my friend hosts now is the nephew of the boy that her parents is absolutely wonderful!  Yesterday I took both boys to the store and let them pick out the colors for their monkeys and I need to finish those ASAP, as D goes home on Sunday.

What am I reading?

I went to a local used book store on Monday and found Jane's Fame:  How Jane Austen Conquered the World  I have just started it....and I am still plugging away at American Gods

What are you doing this week?  Please check out the other projects at


Tawnee Isner said...

I hope your hat works out for you. It is going to be lovely.

Evelyn said...

Your challenge to knit from a vintage design is so great ... you have such wonderful WIPs!

omlair said...

that vintage mag looks ab fab! good luck with the beret

Mary said...

I take part in the Fresh Air Fund thanks for contributing and posting aboout it!